Saturday, 25 April 2009

Day 4

Monday and a new start to the week and over the weekend I was in pain, pain in muscles I never knew I had, getting out of bed was a experience. I got to the training centre and to my like I was't the only one who suffered over the weekend everyone did.

Today is 10.5 meter ladder day and started off in the lecture room. The W/M gave us a powerpoint presentation on how a ladder was made up and what certain parts were called also ladders commands to get it off the appliance, get it to the working area, get it into the building or place of work and put it back on the appliance. After death by powerpoint we got into full PPE and went into the yard and did it.

I'll be honest here and say I'm not really sure what to write for the rest of this day as it was purely working in crews of 3 or 4 and slipping, pitching and stowing the ladder back on the pump. If you want to know anything just ask.

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