Saturday, 25 April 2009

Day 3 "hoses are you best friends"

Day 3 was a very long day indeed. We started out in the morning learning quickly about how main delivery hose (the red stuff) was made and what it uses and limitations were and then just before break we found out that we would be hose running for the rest of the day YAY :( So after learning about main delivery hose we were shown the proper way to lift, carry, run out, under run, place the hose back down and shown how to connect diffeent lengths together (lots).

Tea break arrives and all I could think about was how hard it is running main delivery hose all day from my courses in North Wales & Essex, it hurts after a while. For about an hour all 13 of us were lined up with our "best friend" and given the order to run out, under run and make up our "best friend" until the W/M believed we had gained the skill sufficiently. Next we were put into pairs and same again run out the hoses but add a length aswel from your no.2 and this went on again for upto an hour when lunch came about, Mmmmmm free dinners and chocalate cake :).

Again from my latter courses I knew not to eat a big dinner and stuck to salad as what goes down must come up and food + exercise = big mess. Again we were paired up again and just to remind us of what to do we ran out 1 delivery consisting of 1 lengths again as a warm up. Moving on from a pair we were put into groups of 3 and shown how to run out lengths with a branch and asking for "water on" never be no.3 or 4 as u will be running even more, you have been warned. after that we were out into groups of 6 and told " I want 1 delivery consisting of 6 lenghts, get to work" unfortunatly I was number 6 and had to carry my 10-15 kg hose behind 5 others whilst 1 by 1 than ran out there 25m hose and as I get to my turn Im knackered.

The day ends there for us and I'm hurting in places but atleast the day is over with.

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