Saturday, 25 April 2009

Day 8 RTC

Without sounding weird but RTC is my fav thing. As per everyday so far we started off with theory for the first half of the day doing the theory side and then after lunch we went to the RTC pad to to it into practice.

We went through the very basic stuff as an initial introduction as one of of guys is going to be rds and he needs to know the basics so he can atleast do something at an RTC.

So to start off we went from turning up and parking the appliance in the fendoff position, the OIC approaches the front of the vehicle talking to the casualty, 2 of us stabilise the car with the stair chocks after that we need to do glass management so that it doesn't shatter whilst extricate the casualty.

I'm abit upset that we didn't get to cut the car up but we will have a whole week of it later on in the week (evil laugh)


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  2. Might i make a suggestion - most people who read your blog won't be of your profession therefore might i suggest you dont use abbreiviations - or if you do at least give a brief explanation in brackets what it means - as this post means little to me as i have no idea what your talking about - hope this helps
    Also i just read the rest of your blogs bringing you up to date - im not really sure what is going on with your training ... i dont know what most of your terminology means i.e slipping a ladder? what is that ? im not meaning to be punitive here im just trying to understand what it is your doing ... Please do go into more detail ... its facinating to know how other service training works .. some of work is not very clear either - hope this has been of some interest - was meant as constructive critasism - be safe & good luck