Wednesday, 15 April 2009

First day is over!!!!!!

I expected to be running hoses all day but I didn't touch one. The morning started off with all of the students giving an introduction of themselves, age, what you've done in the past, why you want to be in the fire service and what do you expect to get from the course.

Next we had a tour of the training centre (nice place), shown where to be at 09:00 everyday all ironed with the creases in place and polished shoes. Next it was morning break and we were sent to the canteen for a tea or coffee but we were told that we needed a card to get food and drink so we just sat in the canteen wondering what we do.

After break we were assembled in the appliance bay to go through our fire kit, make sure it fits right, mark it up and hang it up ready to be used.

Lunch time arrived and what a bonus, for the next 15 weeks we get food to the value of £5 for free wooohoooo BUT we can only have a fruit and a main or main and a pudding. For me who likes his chocolate was gutted to find that we cant use the voucher for anything else other than the above mentioned.

The afternoon was diversity training and meeting the group training commender followed by death by powerpoint for manual handling. 17:00 arrived and the manual handling training still hadnt finished so guess what MORE powerpoint in the morning.

Off to bed now

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  1. I remember the good old days of death by powerpoint .... don't worry you become immune to it .. i used to find it quite insulting as if the instructors are of the belief you can't read - you usually get half a rain-forrest of hard copies of the slides anyway to re-read in your own time ...

    £5 for your food ! Better than anything we get in the ambulance service !! best deal we get is we can claim a fiver if we are made to take a break off station!

    Ironing creases doesn't sound like fun! Of course in profesional careers its best to be of smart appearance !

    And diversiry - snore fest ! we all have to do that one!!

    Hope your enjoying the course!