Thursday, 16 April 2009

Day 2 in the big fire house.

It's 22:45 and I'm seriously knackered whilst trying to write this blog.

The morning started off again with more about manual handling followed by risk assessment training (very important). We have a Staion Officer who is the main person for our core training and lectures and we had him all morning.

Tea break around 10:30 and this time we have worked out that we don't pay the till lady for our tea or coffee but I do suggest if you come here don't press the hot choc button otherwise you will recieve a nice cup of sewage water. After break more risk assessment training till lunch and back to the free food and I've gotta say it's quite good although some of the Watch managers would tell you different.

After we finished lunch we were taught ways of casualty moving wether they be conciuous or not but then it happned!!!! whilst lowering a casualty I heared a rip and what a suprise I split my 1 day old trousers but atleast I have extra ventilation down there.

The rest of the afternoon was a complete blur, why you ask!!! cos we were being taught about our fire kit and how it keeps heat in and how heat effects us. So in the easiest way possible for the Watch managers to teach us we were beasted on the drill yard and I've not been pushed that much in a while. Around the drill yard a few times, open and down the 5 floor drill tower, not being allowed to stop and when you were stood still you had to jog but everyone was suffereing especialy me. I had to stop 1-2 times as I had a major cramp in my left side just under my rib and I couldnt go on anymore. BIG MISTAKE I was kindly edged on by oneof the Watch Managers and even dragged as I was in So much pain.

We know were hose running tomorrow, lots and lots of running so wish me luck.

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